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Warrior by Ke$ha

Ke$ha Warrior

By Ke$ha
Genre: Dance/Pop
Released by: Sony Music Entertainment
Date of Release: 2012

The second full studio album by dance party princess Ke$ha.

1.   Warrior
2.   Die Young
3.   C’Mon
4.   Thinking of You
5.   Crazy Kids
6.   Wherever You Are
7.   Dirty Love (featuring Iggy Pop)
8.   Wonderland
9.   Only Wanna Dance With You
10.  Supernatural
11.  All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
12.  Love Into the Light
13.  Last Goodbye
14.  Gold Trans Am
15.  Out Alive
16.  Past Lives

Critical Evaluation:
Ke$ha’s fun-loving, party girl musical style continues her latest album. The entire album would be better served over the speakers at an all-night party club. The tracks are fun and upbeat and you can’t help but want to get up and dance. The album still have a slight dirty tone quality that reflects Ke$ha’s devil may care attitude. The album isn’t gonna change the world but it’ll be fun while it tries.

Key Tracks:
Warrior is the opening track to the album. It sets the tone of the album with pulsing bass and catchy lyrics.

Die Young was the first single of the album. The song is upbeat tale of brief love on the dance floor. The lyrics give a slight melancholy tone as she implores her dance partner to make the most of their limited connection.

Dirty Love features a duet with famed punk star Iggy Pop. The track is a fast-paced dance track that pushes for the punk notes with guitars and drums.

Information about the Artist:
Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Kesha Rose Sebert quit high school when she was 17. Instead of attending Columbia University to study psychology, Kesha decided to take her chances and move to Los Angeles to become a musician. Though her hard work, she made a connection with producer Dr. Luke which lead to laying down vocals for artist Flo Rida’s best selling track, Right Round.

Changing her name to Ke$ha to fit her party image, a first studio album was released when she was 20. The single TiK ToK lead to mass recognition.

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Curriculum Ties:
Music, Feather Style

Interest Age:
Ages 15 and up

Challenging Issues:
Some of the tracks do contain some harsh language and sexual situations.

Why did I include this album in the title selection?
Ke$ha is my personal guilty pleasure. I have no reason why a straight-laced librarian student should love party music but here I am……a fan. When I was considering which music to include in this project, I hadn’t planned on focusing on Ke$ha at all but I noticed some very young girls were playing Die Young without headphones on their iPhones. They were singing along and dancing in line while their father was purchasing hot chocolates at my local Starbucks. Ke$ha’s music is fun and you can’t help but be happy when you find your foot tapping to the rhythm.

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