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Seventeen Magazine

Current Editor-in-Chief: Ann Shoket
Publisher: Hearst Communications

Reader’s Annotation:
One of the first magazines to cater to young girls, Seventeen continues to be a source of fashion and health information to young teen girls.

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Critical Evaluation:
More geared towards teens between the ages of 14 and up, the magazine has a focus on mainstream fashion as well as celebrity gossip. The magazine has a slight Cosmopolitan Magazine look, which makes sense as they are both published by Hearst Communications. Seventeen’s fashion ideas and advice feels like a gateway magazine for young readers to eventually graduate into the Cosmopolitan readership.

The articles feel superficial and there’s more of a focus on the “right” clothing instead of creating your own style. The ads and the format of the magazine is very bright and busy, with a slight ADD flair. Seventeen Magazine is more of a fashion gossip rag instead of a reliable source of fashion information.

Fashion, Style

Curriculum Ties:

Booktalking Ideas:

Reading Level/Interest Age:
Ages 14 and up

Challenging Issues:

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