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Nylon Magazine

Current Editor-in-Chief: Marvin Scott Jarrett
Publisher: Nylon Holding Inc.

Reader’s Annotation:
With a focus on fashion and style, Nylon is the must have magazine for any hip and urban fashionista.

Nylon on the Web

Critical Evaluation:

While Nylon Magazine contains just as many fashion advertisements as any other fashion/style magazine, the products promoted showcase an audiences geared for older teens and early 20-somethings. The fashion featured is more fringe/hipster with an emphasis on urban art and less mainstream popular culture mentality. The October issue focused on the “It” products and thoughts currently in discussion amongst hip fashionistas.

The Nylon webpage is a nice companion piece to the magazine, providing up to the minute fashion information.

Fashion, Style

Curriculum Ties:

Booktalking Ideas:
What are the differences between fashion style between the teen years and your early 20s?

Reading Level/Interest Age:
Late Teens and Early 20s

Challenging Issues:

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