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Final fantasy crystal chronicles

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Created by The Game Designers (Square Enix)
Released: 2004 (GameCube: North America)
Rating: T for Teen

The world is threatened by a dangerous gas that could kill everyone.

The world is covered in miasma, a toxic gas that threatens villages and towns. To protect it’s citizens, brave volunteers travel to collect myrrh that powers the protective crystals. These crystals hold off the miasma gas, protecting the citizens for a year before the myrrh runs out.

There are four races that inhabit the lands:

The Clavats: peaceful farmers

The Liltres: warriors and knights

Selkies: rugged thieves

Yukes: winged slender creatures.

Critical Evaluation:
Players can choose their own character, which then sets out from the village Tipa to find myrrh. There are obstacles and enemies along the way. As characters gain more experience, the harder the enemies strike. The game can be played with multiplayers and with the GameCube/Game Boy Advance option. The visuals for the game are beautiful, which adds to the mythology of the game’s history. Much of the game is exploration versus battle, but the exploration is still engaging.

Information about the Developer:
The Game Designers Studio is an imprint of Square Enix. The Game Designers Studio’s only release was this game and was later renamed a subsidiary to SQEX Corporation.

Games, Science Fiction

Curriculum Ties:
Game Design

Booktalking Ideas:
What is the perfect character design.

Reading Level/Interest Age:
The game is rated T, which means the game is geared towards 14 and up.

Challenging Issues:

Why did I include this game in the title selection?
The visual style of the game was enchanting and worth the time and effort spent in play. The story is complicated enough that players will be eager enough to beat levels and gain experience.

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